The Gift Of Enterprise

instant gratification is an illusion,get centred in your gift

You’re still standing,you may wobble on your feet,your tongue slightly timid to speak out and breathe life into those new ideas.If you are like everyone else in enterprise,there’s a dragon at your has become your shadow,a beast that whispers about your failings,reminding you deep into the night about those times when you did and look what happened.Everything becomes maybe, potentially, possibly,could be,should be, you puzzle over things you should have done,worship the advice books and guides yet do little to execute.

After all remember what happened the last time.what will people say this time?what will they think? And the jokes,the comments, and what if…what if…what if…let what if be a stranger for now.The dragon,the beast at your bed is you,as entrepreneurs we must be able to challenge the voices in our head.To believe we are more than our past failures,to see so much more than the fear and others skewed and broken perceptions. Immediate gratification is an illusion,in business things take time,it is a journey,it is a process.

Because we live in such a microwavable society,there is the belief that we should be gratified immediately. No money if it’s not quick money. Yet with everything happening at lightening speed around us,are we getting the chance to enjoy and embrace the fruits of our labour.To get centred and fully engage with our gifts.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

The Gift Of Enterprise

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