if you are on a climb or a hike to your personal victory,you will learn many lessons. About yourself and the people around you,you will find that there are those who see your vision and it terrifies them.

warriors of success carry many casualties on their shoulder,other people’s insecurities like strangers in the night,knocking,knocking at your door. Do you let their fear in and let it overwhelm you, do you let them destroy the seed you planted,when you have trekked to the well. Everybody who truly participates in enterprise knows there is sacrifice, there is a piece of your identity you were once committed to, that you have to let evolve. Do not be disheartened by the emotional scars and baggage of damaged people, parked at your doorstep.For nobody in life is unaffected. Do not believe that those who are contaminated with their own life resentments will stop you.Its a game of #iseeyounow.

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