Pinterest power: how to super charge your pinterest

With Pinterest officially being one of the hottest social media platforms online, if your not quids in your missing a trick. What are the top twelve ways to monetise this global giant?

If youre trying to raise capital,connecting an e-commerce platform,building influence on Pinterest with quality content,driving traffic and selling e products is a great way to bring in more income.

Pinterest seen as the vision board now an online digital mall is bringing in loads of shopping and creative ideas, ecommerce, and new brand profiles everyday. why be leftoleft out. Tired of being left out of key trends, want to capitalise on this traffic thunderstorm, well here are some great ideas and ways to monetise your Pinterest platform.

Webinars linked to Pinterest ,seminars

Create epic webinars on platforms such as get response post a link on your Pinterest and have people pay a fee to sign up and engage.

Shopify and ecommerce shops

Build up and stock up your ecommerce shop on shopify and other sites such as big commerce,woo commerce and post the link to your Pinterest. Build up profile and engagement on Pinterest adding lots of back links and make sure content is of high quality.


Post links to your dropshipping store on Pinterest , remember to build profile on your Pinterest by building high quality content and lots of engagement.

Some of the best dropshipping companies include



Dropship Direct

Sunrise Wholesale

Wholesale 2b


Wholesale central


Affiliate marketing is another great way to bring in funds on the Pinterest platform, post links on content.

Membership platform

Post links to your membership community be smart enough to build one linked to your niche

Sell ebooks


Once you’ve built up profile ask brands to sponsor you

Sell Advertising through using story pins as online magazines

Offer a fee for Brand promotion

Become an influencer

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