Potential ‘ The whisper of the soul’

Some of us make the mistake of sharing our enterprise vision with people whose words have corrupted theirs.

Their words disempower them mentally so their actions are poor. As the universe recycles back to them what they speak, they look upon you with their own resentment and blame. What about me they ask? What about us? They fear being left behind, yet when for example you were doing the work stepping out of your comfort zone, travelling all over London, they were either busy laughing at you, or too caught up in the blame game to see something magical.what is that word,that inspires, engages,hypnotised, and at times eclipses. It is a word like no other, potential.we know when we meet people with real potential,there is a magnetism, an energy and a fit.As though you are a match. Believe me when I speak of focussing on your potential, knowing what you can do and creating. For the universe talks in whispers and those who are wise, pay close attention.

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