Protecting the Gift

There are people who position obstacles before us, believing they can block us.Hold us back deny that we will be positioned for success. There is one rule, do the work, get the rewards.

Sometimes people need to grit their teeth and bare it. It’s not to talk the work, to talk yourself up, to exaggerate your successes, yet when you come across someone who has accomplished some great goals you drive them to be insular.Terrified that they will outshine you. My path and your path is different, when you meet people who compete with you negatively, who try and dominate the space, who suddenly become dictators.

There is one thing you must remember, protect your gift. Often without realising it,this is what toxic company is coming to destroy. The belief that we are in a rat race, and they must overtake you to validate themselves. Often these are scared people who themselves know they have not earned their positioning, and see something in you that shines abundantly. The thing about fear…is sometimes the more you fear a thing, the more chance it has of becoming real.Fear and wisdom are both watchers, observers , looking for lessons to teach.There is an old adage in African, show me your friends and I’ll show you who you are. Who you keep company with is who you become? Life may look like a postcard on the outside yet many of us are still searching for our contentment. Believe in your potential and protect your gift.

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