The dream and The passenger

There is no avoiding the challenges and obstacles through the journey of business, be it Fintech or fashion.

The illusion that one remains rigid does not create room to grow, knowledge and wisdom or expertise in any area is about being open to that abundance. Failure will come and so will times of loneliness, there will be times where you reach the top of your climb and realise where are the people that were coming up with you? The faces that were so familiar some were distorted by envy,others just could not manage the climb. People assume that where there is a person of influence they are abundant in all aspects of life. Yet I have been there when the phone call comes to a close, and the friends you thought you’d be sharing the good news with are absent. We must find that inner abundance, become the magnetism we seek by celebrating the little goals and objectives we accomplish and learn to love ourselves.

its easy to challenge a self you have grown to love, I have been there many times,lost in the confusion, where suddenly your good news makes people awkward, uncomfortable,even cautious perhaps. You start to worry that you will be the one on the outskirts, whilst those who conform to certain ‘ toxicities’ tiptoe around each other and you learn to keep quiet about certain news so as not to upset the balance. You are not the passenger here, you were the one in the driver’s seat with this dream of yours you carried close to your heart and patted inside your pocket. it became friend and foe, the relationship was tumultuous,but now you can stand and say ” dammit I have news!” Celebrate that news.Those moments should never be taken away from you, for when a dream bends, and adjust entry,even just a little, it is the universe saying, your character has confirmed to us.” You deserve this grace.”

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