The Pinterest Push

With the rise in unemployment more young entrepreneurs,freelancers and creatives are turning to Social media and social selling strategies to bring in an income. What is the best way to monetise your social media.

Pinterest is the ultimate power shopping mall, great for profile, and provides you with the opportunity to catalogue your ideas, pin them and share them.

Pinterest gets billions of monthly users and impressions, why not direct some of that traffic your way and convert it. Why not monetise and heighten the profile of your brand whilst engaging an active audience who are eagerly looking for new ideas and new products, can anyone say pin possible?

Listed as one of the leading social media platforms for traffic boosting , sales, and heightening profiles, Pinterest doesn’t stop there, with more ecommerce shops like shopify, affiliate marketing, sponsorship deal potential and advertising opportunities, why not build a super brand that brings in new income.

Six figure income to be precise.

Here are the top 10 plus ways you can use Pinterest to bring in a six figure income

Link it to Shopify

Build  your profile on other platforms like quora as an expert or a guru and link back to your Pinterest site and shopify or ecommerce shop

Have the right hooks in your headline articles

Have a winning product, with a detailed pitch, focus on the strengths of the product

know Who your brands competitors are

What keywords are they using?

Build massive brand awareness with Pinterest  story pins and rich pins, buyable pins to get massive impressions on your Pinterest boards

Join shop style collective

Post other people’s content on your Pinterest

Build a massive following , focussed on a niche,if your production is too general your audience will get lost

Position yourself as a problem solver

Listen and engage

Support the pin community using tailwind

Use visually appealing imagery

Use memorable hooks

Post 30 posts or more a day

Add minimum 5 links to each post or article you put on Pinterest linking back to your shopify or ecommerce shop

Use email marketing to promote

Remember that content is always king , the more content you produce that is engaging with great hooks, the more likely you are to develop an audience and a large following

See the internet as a busy bar or marketplace, when you go there,you want to stand out

Don’t post invisible content

Have great hooks and headlines

Learn sales, and sales language

Engage with your Pinterest followers for q&a on Quora

Ask the right questions, provide free resources that lead to a sales page

Have a data capture form

Add links to your membership community that’s right people create one….and make it premium

Turn your blogsite into an app, you can do this using Appy pie or App builder

Charge a premium service for people who want to enter your blogs chat room this can be done with rumble talk

Offer ecourses, seminars and webinars through your site and watch your audience grow.

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