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It’s Not Whether You Get Knocked Down, It’s Whether You Get Up.” – Inspirational Quote By Vince Lombardi

Life will throw you some knocks, I am there right now and I have been there many times before.People you thought will convey kindness, will slam the door shut on you.Believing that they have closed your future, that there are no open windows.That there is no room for you to grow. Yet I remember in school when id get into fights or clashes, I was notorious for defending myself against bullies.some fights I won, others I just angled a blow. Yet when life throws you a knock, you are often dealing with shape shifters who you can’t see. When challenges come to divide you from your different selves.The self of the soul, self of the spirit, self of the mind. You can’t just say I believe I will get back up must get back up, so you can walk. For many years of my life I was ridiculed for being different, I am an alpha female with an unusual walk. When word of me attempting to become a millionaire or venture into enterprise through the local gossip in the neighborhood.I became a laughing stock, people would ridicule me, and then they would be cruel. I would have to hear shouts like ‘ have a fit,’ people shouting death from their windows out at me.Believing that they would dissuade me from my dreams. I kept going. After self publishing my ebook lunchbox millionaire which I learnt so many things about, I built a network for myself and became an influencer. It is a billion dollar network,from contacts who work with Oprah to elites who work at the Whitehouse. For many years I would listen to the cruelty of these people, it was a sick game to make it appear as though I was merely a difficult black woman who was troubled by epilepsy and it’s mental challenges.Gossips made sure I lost so much confidence and experience what I can only identify as Social suicide in my community. The more insular I became, yet this made me work.

The crueller their words the harder I worked. Some may argue that I am an over sensitive person, yet what I experienced was ‘abuse’ due to envy. It was cruel and malicious. The most painful thing had been when one of the neighbors children aligned themselves with a dishonest tribe, and would share any cruel comments, put downs, and jokes about me to his audience of idiots. This was the community I thought I was part of. Yet I realised when others try and close a door, god and the universe opens several windows. Like an act of defiance shrieking this girl, who I have nursed ,whose family I supported, will not be left behind. I learned from dealing with epilepsy and the trauma of the seizures that I could get back up again. So when life comes to knock you, arm yourself with the knowledge of your true character, the wisdom of experiences and hope and faith.

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