Speech Bubble syndrome

“The to Way Get Started Is To Quit Talking And Begin Doing.” – Walt Disney

Many of us suffer from speech bubble syndome. You think talking is executing. I for many years was so terrified I wouldn’t achieve,that at every hurdle I would announce what I was about to venture into.The universe does such devilry with mouths that boast, with tongues that wag on acid. With each dream I announced, I became more afraid , because so many were uncompleted. Somehow I was tricked into contentment by believing the only grace was in announcing the idea. No you are a rough diamond, being chiselled and honed. You must deal with the challenges,the obstacles, the character evolution and face the minds fiction that there are limitations. The world can be abundant with opportunities for those who look and those who execute.snack size.

It is a bite at a time, the way you eat a piece of cake is one forkfull at a time. So take bites out of the challenge. It won’t be just about what you get , it will be about what you learn.Many of us are yet to realise our full potential,we are on the fringes, barely on the cusp.The mind can do such wonderous things for those who explore it’s magnificence.

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