Tug of war

“If You Are Working On Something That You Really Care About, You Don’t Have To Be Pushed. The Vision Pulls You.” – Steve Jobs

It is magnetism, there is an opportunity for you to reveal your truest self.
Wake up daily , execute
Tasks that you believe will get you closer to this goal.

I love being actively creative, venturing out there meeting new people in business and connecting to those who have opened doors for themselves and good people,who will carry their work forward.
You will wake up on days dealing with doubt,exhaustion, fear, and yet you must keep going. When you are dealing with your gifts the universe will pull things to you. Despite being lacking in finance at times, in pursuit of my dreams I had some exceptional experiences. Having worked briefly with Crazy Clothes, the company who delivered clothes to Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, commissioned for my work with red pr who commissioned me for my photography of Prince Charles and the Fa Cup, worked briefly with the producer of Good morning Britain.

I learned that I was more than my disability.I was more than the at times embarrassing epileptic fits that had my family gathered around me,praying for a miracle. I was more than the fear of others ,their laughter and their bullying. My gift was drawing opportunities to me , to validate my own belief that what I wanted to accomplish was possible. That The universe would open doors. I remember feeling disheartened after every seizure, the loss of confidence, fear of dying , and the temporary feeling of helplessness. Yet when I strove to deliver, the universe rewarded my story. Embrace your gift, there will be trials, you may become the clown of your community like I was made to feel, yet the universe rewards bravery. It rewards those who submit to the journey.

Who are you at heart ,at core at consciousness to believe you can change any dynamic in life. You are a vessel of supernatural ability, let the universe speak through you.

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