Life as Teacher and Scholar

Life is a ruthless teacher, she is stubborn in her classroom, diligent, and thorough. Although the strife may slice through you like a blade, comb through you as though you are strands of loose hair, you must understand that every lesson comes with trials. Tests of your character. How much are you willing to invest in yourself, how much gravitas do your words have?

The power of the spoken word.we are taught about it in schools, churches, amongst peers, and family.what you say manifests itself in one way or another.words carry energy, they have vibrational charge.words can manifest into living breathing experiences when you commit the actions to making them real. Don’t just say it,feel it, do it and become it. Let the world eat their edible words,and let you allow the actions to endorse the words you speak.create a journal where you document and list your goals, contribute to it your lessons. Read books by great mentors, watch seminars,podcasts,and attend groups. You will have a challenge with consistency, you will have a challenge with slaying the dragon of old habbits. yet you must keep going. You must face the frustrations with yourself, and your own personal trials for your must face the challenge of self.

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