Light against the Shadow

We are often plagued by what we cannot change in the deep of the night, restless memories of pain, frustrate some of us into lying awake questioning the next step.


We decide to tiptoe, for elements have shown themselves not to be friend. It is easy to loose yourself in the past, to play a mental game of chess with the mind that denies you access to a future of joy and abundance. Yet here is something we are all trying to learn, the past may influence the future, yet it is your choice if you choose those old mistakes to deny you that step forward in grace. We are often plagued by what we cannot change, yet use your knowledge of the past to fuel future progress. Channel the anger you feel, into self belief in a project, displace it and allow yourself to cannot live a life on tiptoe, therefore you must take the plunge, though there are shadows at your side, remember in essence we are light, we must fight to reveal our gifts.

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