Masters of wealth

Its easy to talk money, especially when your broke. Yet one thing i’ve discovered is wealthy people have a different style of management when it comes to their finances, a different belief system, and a different ethos.

Human beings are complex, we all want to conform, and yet we want to be rich, we want to be wealthy. If wealthy people acted like ‘normal’ people, they would be broke. Everybody talks, everybody has their own style of wisdom from their years of experience, yet when you seek out advice from the wrong people and expect your life to take a certain path you will find yourself in trouble. Nobody goes to a homeless man to ask him how to build a mansion, nobody goes to a blacksmith to ask him how to paint a Monet, we seem to have a habit of letting others who seem to have it together, give us bad advice. Its like going to a hairdresser with a messed up hair do and expecting your hair to come out looking phenomenal, dude that’s Russian roulette. So lets follow some of the masters of wealth and listen to their advice and their wisdom. Maybe the steps they advise can change our lives.

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