Conquerors of Fear

Don’t let narrow minded people tell you who you are, I was this way for years. Listening to the voices of those without vision, yet being frustrated, that my dreams weren’t coming to pass.


We all have fears, sometimes they lurk in the shadows difficult to counter. They are the ghosts that leak echoes in your ear drums, they are the chorus that sing us to sleep, yet how does it feel to chain a fear, to conquer it, and allow yourself to be consumed with passion instead. I will say what I often say with regards to the journey, have a hungry heart, you are starved, there is no room for indecision, maybe yes, maybe no. Know your potential and capitalise on your strengths, remind yourself through the chaos, you are who you say you are. You can do what you believe you can do and that is what others deem to be the impossible

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