Millionaire minds and the Millionaire Myth

There are so many myths and lies out there about the ever evasive success, or I call it the millionaire myth, chasing gold.


People often tell you you can’t accomplish a thing because they fear they can’t do it. When I started my original blog redebonyhotspot and produced my lunchbox millionaire podcast I was interviewing millionaires and entrepreneurs , their stories were fascinating yet what I learnt from each of them was they discovered ways to add value.ways to problem solve and ways to inspire. They didn’t just have self belief, they had unusual self belief.They were all knowledgeable about their arena, but most importantly they were people like you and me. They couldn’t fly, they weren’t made out of gold.These are people who made a decision and committed to it, and they did it earnestly. Some came from a good network, others had to create a network that would empower them. The media creates certain illusions about success and what it takes to be successful the highs and the lows, there are many people out there who could be millionaires or leaders in enterprise but their greatest conflict is the need to conform versus the real independent spirit to go out there and hustle in enterprise.

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