The scholar and the Hostage


We often make the mistake of thinking only the scholars carry knowledge about life,growth and abundance.we look for people with decorated titles, ignoring the fact that we have a wealth of knowledge also, we have great insight also , through our experience we acquire a deeper understanding,through our failures we learn what works. Yet many of us are scared to fail, are scared to put into practice those ideas and concepts that curl up beside us before we face the break of day, are terrified to take the risks yet become frustrated when those who dare reap both endorsements and reward.

There is an old adage, he who dares wins. Yet if you are on the sidelines of life, too afraid to wear in your skin, to be criticised and look upon others who dare with contempt and a tradgic tongue the universe will continue to reward others around you.Whilst you remain a spectator. We all remember that experience in the classroom where you know the answer ,don’t put your hand up and the teacher rewards someone else the prize and the praise.

That in itself was a small lesson, you knew, you just weren’t willing to take the risk. You thought you’d be judged, others would laugh, what if you got it wrong? There are some people who never grow out of this fear, the fear does not disappear, but fight to not let it hold you hostage.

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