Hope without hindrance


Never loose hope in your dream in the potential to become greater than what you are at present, yet don’t stand on the sidelines being entitled expecting the world to save you because somehow only your dream is valid. There are liars out there, tricksters who will try and steal both vision and energy, people who refuse to stand up and be counted in life but when you rise they say how dare you. How dare you come at me with such bold dreams, they’ll tell you your arrogant, because they lack the confidence to even try. People who could have dug deep into their potential and now despite showing you so much initial disrespect, they think they can harass, bully and wear you down to steal just a little of your light. When you were building your city, they were trying to tear it down with their poisonous action and words. Yet when you survive these enemies of progress want to block your path with a hand out and disgrace themselves. I have come across many characters as I have built my network, and continue to connect to people who inspire me. Surround yourself with people who will lift you up and through their energy they elevate others. Not toxic people who their biggest failure is being themselves. Be a supporter of progress and endorse those who try, the universe celebrates those who have vision and will gather people to you like bees to honey.

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