Explorations of the self

The stakes are always high when you are stepping out of your comfort zone, and as you become a greater self, championing your passions you will see fear begin to disintegrate. A shadow of its former self, whilst you stroll with a proud gait, celebrating your strengths, for fear tried to overwhelm you, yet wisdom saw you deserved to sit on a throne. When we are stepping outside of our comfort zone, there is so much friction, from those around us, from life itself, for it is used to us in our comfortable skin. Yet you must tread the path where you search for your glass slippers, align yourself with a greater self, believe in your potential and focus on your goals a bite at a time. Stepping out of your comfort zone, allows you to explore the wealth and wonder of life and despite the Friction, you would have learnt new things, new remedies to create laughter medicines, and access to a future you believe in.

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