Action to change

Vision. A voice, an idea, many of us set goals for ourselves yet are too afraid to put them into action. We are on the edge of a precipice consistently generating a similar self, talking change in cycles, desperate to be a chameleon hungry to evolve yet trapped in an unfamiliar place. Between fear and inaction. I have been there so many times, discussing, new and varied ideas, producing charts and ways i will put them into practice and yet when the time came, i was frozen with my own indecision. You have to break it down a piece at a time, challenge it with a list of what you have accomplished what you are capable of, the visual of what you believe you can become. do this daily like a regiment, and do not let others disuade you. For this is your dream, and you see yourself slipping into this seductive skin. Have a  journal, write down your thoughts daily read and listen to things that will empower you , surround yourself with positive influences, and take action. Even in the most microscopic of ways you are challenging your psychology.

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