Gambles for Glory

Don’t let the whispers of others deceive you out of your glory. They are mutated words comprising a self that does not exist, the jealous pangs of those who could not rise to their victory. It is easy for others to try and overwhelm you with the loathing they have for themselves, reflect it back at you, and confuse your own image. Remember who you are.

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Your skills,your abilities, your strengths, your potential and the wisdom you’ve equipped yourself with from your experiences. Only a fool goes to battle with just words. For each vision , support it with action, do research and counter the negative voices of others with the knowledge you have about yourself and about your experiences. Don’t let liars pretend as though they are telling you the truth about yourself, when everything they try and accomplish is ash. Do not sit at the table with entitled people, and let them know about the scraps from your meal, soon enough they will be asking for your whole supper. Instead observe those with a pleasing nature, those who will nurse the seed nurture it and give it life.

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