Game of life

The game of life is full of lessons, each lesson will teach you strength, discipline, build character, and further your creative courage. You must keep going, no matter the battle the scars, if this is your dream if this is your destination. A dream is a train and every person you meet is simply a passenger learning and growing within it, your dream will carry others to many destinations but you must be relentless in your pursuit of the habbits to maintain it. You will slip away at times, become inconsistent, be cloaked in other peoples fears, and the terrors of your own. Believe in what your mind sees. It is not madness, if it is positive, it was visited upon you for a reason. Yet just because a dream blesses us with its presence, does not mean it will slink into being, we must become our most dynamic selves.

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 You must be willing to shift and adapt, you must be adjustible and open to learning. The richest man will always be the most abundant in knowledge. The wisest man will always seek the wisdom of mentors, and a king amongst men or honorable a scholar will not just heed the fear of advisors, but trust instinct and direction. It will carry you far.

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