How to make £40,000 a month blogging

Wow so you’ve started your new blog. Blogging takes passion, creativity, discipline, consistency, and most of all a keen eye, and you want to make money out of it…well. What can you bring to your audience, how can you engage their interests and keep them coming back for more. The marketplace is saturated with random people who start new blogs, yet dont see the idea through to the end, wont produce high quality content, and wont use their social media network to connect with their material.

Your blog should be full of nuggets of facts, tidbits of delicious insights that your niche can not find elsewhere, or if they can your delivery is more accessible. You should as ive stated earlier, pay attention to whats trending in the social media market. Strike up a dialogue with your busy audience get them to become emotionally invested and deliver updates regularly. For example a blog on how to make money with digital marketing should produce, creative ideas with headlines and hooks that draw audiences in and engage their interests straight away. I.e Monetise marketing 101,Six figure sales strategy for a digital dynamo, How to market to millions from the comfort of your bedroom, Digital aces, countering the financial dominoe effect.
Edible Engagement: When your content is delicious and so is your reach
Marketing for the new millionaire: How to monetise your mindset.
These are just a few creative nuggets ive thrown in yet there are many more. Its all about the hook , the headline, how you create that clicking frenzy, heighten that thirst for  your page.

There are a myriad of other ways you can build wealth around your blog and get your audience to engage with your products.
Create high quality video tutorial blogs consistently. What service can you offer, how can you assist your audience and help them develop their skills, increase fulfillment and maximise profit. You can do video tutorials on search engine optimisation, and algorithms. No matter the Niche audiences are always looking for ways to make money out of a skill they have, they need knowledge of Search engine optimisation. You could call your series Sexy search engines for six figure success.

A knowledge of Algorithms will help them rank higher on google, be identified as experts and garner more trade. Who doesnt want that?

Offer courses and link your funnels to your ebooks. Create ebooks with headline titles which make audiences want to invest in them, for example creative titles like
From Mindset to millionaire
Wealth in 360 days 
Pulitzer platforms: How to monetise a platform and turn it into a busy bank account
Aces with access: How to build a six figure network through social media
Bitesized branding for success
Simple strategies to becoming super rich on social media
Do it yourself: Email marketing for six figure success stories

You can also become an online coach and digital consultant, offer an introducer scheme i’ve discussed paid webinars previously. Sky is the limit. Create multiple income streams through your blog and let people gravitate to your blog and website, have affiliate links like Amazon , chitika, and other ad programs, but most of all believe in what you can do , produce high quality content and engage with your audience.

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