How to make money online with your blog: phase 2

The truth is making money online can be a challenging process. You need to consistently inject imagination , creativity , and meet the demands of your network and key target audience.

What are their wants and their needs , what resources can you gather to engage and maintain their interest , why should they come to your site over the site of others.

 You need to be able to develop a system and a stern discipline, this means you post regularly and put nuggets of information that you believe will help change their lifestyle. The key to online success is fluidity , community and engagement.

Inspire your audience with compelling posts and insightful ideas. Turn your website into a brand, become a micro influencer and most of all establish yourself as an authority.

Use social listening sites like Quora, Reddit,twitter to research what’s hot in the market. Pay attention to innovative trends, cultivate a relationship with your network, pay attention to the information they  need and get inventive.

For example you could:

Build an online interactive conference around your website, offer information services where people provide a useful resource on how to access certain community contacts
Offer information on how to access funds, and be accepted for grants and programme schemesOffer tips on how to do a business plan in a format which will guarantee you get fundingText information about your blog and website to your list of contacts,Use a video platform
Market and promote your blog on websites and online platformsSend e cards to people thanking them for joining your blog.

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