illusions of perfection

Paradise is not a perfect place. We have many perceptions to get there, illusions beliefs, thinking it should be easy, after all we have struggled much. Yet paradise is a concept of the happiest self within the mind. There are those of us who know how to cultivate a spirit of happiness, a spirit of free thought and enterprise, and those of us who foster growth. The rest of us go day by day , measure by measure looking for seasons of contentment. You will find your inner joy, your inner peace, if you are an enlightened soul eager to positively impact the life of others. Yet your paradise for now, must come from within. You must believe you are worthy of happiness, laughter, joy, healing, celebration and a zest for life. The opportunities and the options that come your way are a reflection of the souls output. Abundance begins in the mind and in the spirit, before it is fostered  in the natural realm.
Abundance can be a wealth of knowledge from experiences, growth, creativity, acting as an empath to help nurture understanding.The illusion that paradise is a perfect place, creates much frustration and we find it hard to find a zen within ourselves.

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