Sexy search engines for your success : How to be at the top of google

Search engine understanding is core for those of us who want to conquer the web, and monetise our expansive online imagination.

Search engines are more than a stoic word at the end of a sentence for tech geeks, knowledge of search engines means access to the top of Google. High rankings,busy bank accounts, qudos, respect from our peers, lots of clients, customers and the magic word.# engagement.  So how do you increase your chances of being at the top of Google and acknowledged as an expert or authourity in your Niche.

Use the key words your audience use to search for a term and link them to your articles, posts, or listicles.

Guest blog on prolific sites and use your signature tagline to gain notoriety in your niche.

Type in key search phrases or terms

Use meta tags

Post 5-6 times a day to increase traffic so you are acknowledged as an expert by google

The more high quality content you post the more the google spider will link searchers on the web to your page

Plan out your content

Use Google trends to see what people are searching and adapt and adjust

Use lots of hashtags

Write a list of words and key phrases or themes linked to your content

Produce videos, videos rank high on the web and are more likely to go viral , if you dont want to be seen use video slideshows

Guest blog or post on other websites

Actively post key content on your social media

Search for a Topic
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