The big outcome:Capital?

Stop looking for the big outcome, and then you’ll do it, and then it will all happen for you the momentum will build. The chapter is never completed. Creative growth is a consistent cycle, we are learning, constantly, evolving constantly, you did not become an adult in a day. A flurry of creative actions in one week or a month wont make you a millionaire, but measured consistency, problem solving your way to a better future, believing in what you can truly do.

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Its easy to watch videos, go to seminars, attend worshops, and gather the information but emotionally disconnect, no you have to be all in. You have to commit your time to your creative vision, learn to keep the promises you make to yourself, stop over expecting, and be ready for the sacrifice which comes. A lot of peoples end goal is capital. How do we make the money? We’ve invested so much time, how do we get a return, be willing to use the information you get and take consistent action. Go to events, network, share ideas, host events yourself, have a forum, celebrate the strengths of your product, and learn from its weaknesses. Be willing to be presented with a different model, and use Social media as a tool, and a tough selling psychology to connect to your audience, listening to them and their questions. Go on forums, go on answer sites, investigate, what is the market missing? What can you bring to the table, how best can you deliver it .

Purchase a copy of my new ebook The whisper of dreams

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