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The mind is a powerful tool for access, it can heal, nurture, manage and engage. It is sharp when needs to be, wise, informed, and requires you seek answers for whichever quest you journey upon. You must feed your mind with books regularly. This creates access, growth, abundance, it helps you develop ideas. It helps you become wise and a well informed mind, is a mind that can navigate in an evolving society. (Buy my new ebook The whisper of dreams )

There are key things you should be paying attention too, and we’ve all experienced key things you should be running from. Yet first lets deal with who we are determined to become, how we are shapeshifter, through the trials of life, how we are skilled, yet sometimes in life we find ourselves stagnant.The process will redefine how you see yourself. Invest in that process and the outcome may not be perfect, but it will be a better outcome than what you have. Tired of feeling stuck, fed up discouraged, then change something, do something, be someone with your time. Whether its creatively or with entrepreneurial insight. Find your vision and conquer your mountain, you will find dragons wherever you go.

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 Take it a step at a time. Start with a list. On this day, ill be doing this, then tick it off like a helpful shopping list. Call it your wealth shopping list, leave little memos and messages to yourself of quotes and inspiration, of encouragement, and faith cultivation, you are groing and enhancing your strengths, you are recycling whats good, and creating a more dynamic you.

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