The habbits of a millionaire

Ever been given the pep talk that your habbits today define who you’ll become tomorrow? How about those of us who crave that entrepreneurial status and the millionaire title, the busy bank account and the fast lifestyle? 

First of all who you become is a product of the habbits you consistently maintain what empowers you to embrace full self development, self growth and master a millenial mind.
What are the habbits that define a millionaire.

 Millionaires model other successful entrepreneurs. Their aim is to grow and develop themselves to the best of their potential . Whether its developing themselves through books, audio, film, engaging with an active community. Diverse education is the name of the game. Knowledge is empowerment, and wisdom acted upon is wealth. 

Millionaires create multiple streams of income, they always have a backup plan and a strategy. If one plan fails, there is another route to success, how do they do this? By exploring their options and building passive income.This way they are prepared for any economic unpredictability, the disadvantages of depending solely on a job to bring in capital, many of them have a stream of passive income, from loans, dividends from investments, capital gains, royalties, or rental income. Other types of multiple sources of income they have access too include starting a side business that doesn’t involve active work, such as running a website or selling information products.

They have a strict discipline and live on a budget. Although there are those who lets just face it ‘are running out of pocket’ that denounce saving. Many entrepreneurs manage their funds and capital with diligence, and a keen eye.

They set measurable attainable goals that they can stick too, this builds up their self esteem, and leaves room for more challenges to be completed.

They use their passive income not their necessary funds to splash out on their wants. 

They usually work for themselves.
They are patient leaders, they believe in playing the long game.

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