To rise

How many people have lashed you and triumphed at your fall, grinning victorious only to watch in awe as you rise again. Believe it, you will rise, and you will rise, until you soar above those who thought you were beneath their feet in enterprise and all areas of life. There are many odds we must defy, many battle scars whose wounds we must cleanse before moving forward, I have learned, it’s not about what they did to you that matters.

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Their actions are not in your control, you are the winning chess piece, you must take the board. What will your next move be? Will you focus on resolving it within yourself, channel your energies towards that dream, fuel hope with more food, learn from the error of investing time in the wrong people? Will you lose yourself in the hunger to change your identity, become a shapeshifter or a chameleon, confusing all others with the fluidity of your change, or will you accept that you area dynamic and unique self. That you have the power to set yourself free, to free your mind and evolve your thinking. No matter the lashes of their tongue, know who you are.

Purchase a copy of my new ebook The whisper of dreams

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