Vision with voice

It is easy to tear down the vision of others, after all they are just words. Words are not arrows, but yet. …a dream should be handled with such polite care, love, and affection. Be greeted with knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, for one day that dream could sustain you. In life each individual is the caretaker of a vision, we nurse them into glory with our tongues, we soothe them into being. They are majestic things that come from a sacred self, they help us evolve into a more enlightened self. A dream can make you whole, a vision can make you see again. There is a power in words many of us can rarely fathom, it is beyond the law of energy, laws of attraction, bless your dream with words which speak of possibility. Go to others who will facilitate your vision and have command of your diction. For the tongue is a mystical thing.

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