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Access to wealth is all about building effective leadership and management habbits. You need to conquer yourself and monetise  your time, but don’t get frustrated,that doesn’t happen straight away. There are keys to accessing wealth and sustaining growth, be open to creativity , be coach able , and be willing to be mentored by people more successful than you. You can watch videos, YouTube seminars, webinars, podcasts or listen to audiobooks. Your goal is not just to consume as much wisdom as possible, but to execute it. Many people fail at their attempts to succeed because they lack key things ,consistency which leads to momentum, they are willing to fail and learn , or some believe they will acquire glory simply by just picking up a book, or pressing play on the iPad. It is more than this, have a handy notepad ready and write this down.

Abundance is in the mind, when you alienate consistency you fail to develop a discipline that which will sustain you. You do not develop yourself, you do not master your strengths, you must empower yourself first with an abundant mind.

Be hungry for knowledge. Wisdom will provide you with nuggets of opportunities, it will open the door to a different path. To create access you must be open to being mentored, guided, and advised

Strategy. Have a strategy for wealth. Are you going to acquire your wealth through the Internet, sell books, build a platform, become an influencer, monetise your blog or website, have an app that acquires funds through advertising? Remember there is nothing new under the sun, so you can model the success of others, their discipline, their stories, and their journey. The wisdom is out there it’s really about how you package it .

Execute….consistently procrastination is the path to failure. There are several ways many of us ClĂ«verly procrastinate, put something down on paper everyday and execute it, everyday. It’s about gaining momentum, and developing those gems, those ideas you started with.

Ideas are only the beginning, in order to be successful you must be aware that ideas are just ink on paper, you have to do the hard work to bring it to fruition. Don’t just think about the money what will people miss out on if they miss out on you executing your goals to accomplish your ideas. It will take time, but you will learn patience, planning, precision and good strategy.

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