Engaging with enterprise :How to level up

Most Professionals talk about levelling up, the point where your mind acts as a portal to create access for you. Driving your habbits and fueling your hunger for achievements.

To level up you must pay attention to those you want to become like, observe their habbits, strategy and gameplan. What can you learn from it? What is missing in your strategy and action plan? What were their strategic plays, what are yours? How do you build momentum?

Success is a mental game of chess, as much as it is a grind for some. You must exercise your mind, for example you have a concept in mind , a vision , you need a goal to get there. What habbits do you need to form in order to get there , who can you link too, that will engage you to people with a higher network. Do you have a journal to document your trials and successes, what are you learning and how are you implementing it. The right questions will lead you on a path to the right answers, the right answers with consistency will get you results. Know your call to action is it capital, do you want people to sign up to your website, whatever you want, draw up a strategy today. Have a plan of action and make decisive goals.

This blog has over a billion hits because I made the decisive decision to be consistent, I didn’t focus on conpetitors, I focussed on remaining in the process, and taking this journey a goal at a time once I had structured a strategic plan. Redebony is now in talks to be turned into an app for a six figure sum, this is not me boasting, this is me saying there are six key structures to your success.

Having a specific definitive clear and focussed goal, creating access for yourself and others, teaching them how to monetise that access, building a platform and a following, becoming a mentor or a coach, making sure the online market identifies you as an expert.

In my next post I will discuss each of these in key details, how you can have these as a strength and build engagement with your audience.

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