Keys to your conquest:Wealth

There are primary keys to your success and the discipline that comes with elevating yourself. Before you start this journey to achieve your wealth goals and your vision. I want you to have a mental checklist of those who tried to stop you, those who tried to sabotage you out of jealousy and their own malice. Now think of your checklist of those who are supporting you, a wealth of experiences that makes you want to propel yourself forward. The mind can act as a bank, an atm. Use these memories to propel yourself forward and engineer your success. When you are tired, if an image of what success looks like to you doesn’t do it, visualise those people who tried to stop you, those people who tried to sabotage you, and use their inferiority and their jealous weakness as a key to engineer your success. Let their words be the reason you get up in the mornings, the reason you keep going, and the reason you stay hungry. Anger feeds passion, you won’t accomplish your goal by simply saying “yes I want to be a millionaire” you will say ” yes I’m going to be a millionaire, and use the weak words of those who tried to destroy my dreams to propel me forward. The more they say, the more you keep going, elevating yourself , countering procrastination and fear. Play with words, words are very powerful things, they attract vibrations. Remind yourself every morning that you are going to become a millionaire, and have a plan for exactly how your going to do it.

Ask a lot of questions. The right questions will always lead you to the path of finding the right answers.
As you nurture your habbits, be wise with the choices you make,

Have insight into your vision. Insight is all about inside knowledge, engagement, experience, listen to other stories , learn about how they executed their ideas .

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