Scenes Of Success

We often tell ourselves that we are not worthy of success, we glare at the polaroid photoshopped images from magazines, people put together a contrast from our daily lives and decide these are who we will measure ourselves against. Not knowing the editing process, not knowing the sacrifices, the risks, sometimes even the lies. There is a truth you must tell yourself to honour your heart during the journey, you must discover your nugget of success. There are those out there who have a void, yet society says they have the mark of success. Their signature is loneliness, and they have built a nest of honest illusions.Yet we see the superficial things that they advertise, cars, money, home, and we assume that this is success. Success im starting to realise is companionship, friendship, when you are able to accomplish those objectives you lay before you despite your challenges, despite the fear, despite sabotage, you lead with passion, promise and potential. There are many stories of successful people who fade into oblivion, become nothing but numbers and statistics for someone to glorify the omnipotent wealth certain arena’s have access too.

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 Yet my argument is this. How do you define success? What is your story? What will your smile say about your journey? Will it be a happy smile, will it be a troubled smile? When you reach out to endorse others with your victory of success, will you tell them the truth, or will you be a self which hides in the shadows.

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