Secrets of success

Its easy to let other people give you their formula for success. Tell you what it’s supposed to look like feel like, be like, what your experience of it is and how to reach it. Success is happiness. It is the prescription for pain, for great suffering, for illness, for disability, finding that joy within yourself even if it’s just in a small nook curling up inside it and claiming it as yours. Your island , your victory path to enlightenment, believe in your potential and access greatness free your mind daily and break old habbits of fear. You don’t need the world to validate your existence, some of us may never get that pat on the back from those we seek it from telling us we are valid, telling us that we are love dfor adding value, for our skillset.

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 You must be your own compass, and you must navigate with wisdom with determination, with passion know your own potential and see your vision as though it were right in front of you.  Success has multiple formats, you are in an arena with fear and old pain, the tracks of your mind regurgitate the past like old vomit, they fling your mistakes at you like spit launched by an attacker. The mind is a gambit, and if you don’t command it, it can play great tricks on you. List your strengths daily in a gratitude diary, your accomplishments, and your achievements. If you keep meditating upon an old failure, what have you learned from it and how can you ensure that if you were met with the same challenges the next time you can respond differently. How can you ensure you are meeting little objectives you set yourself? It starts with the small objectives we conquer that help us propel ourselves closer to the grand goals and help us build momentum. Have a vision board, or a notepad full of clippings of what success looks like to you, what would it mean? How would it feel and work your way towards it.

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