The decision to dream

It is not hopeless to dream or admire the qualities of others. Some people have contempt for brilliance, but it was the creativity of individuals that helped communities and the global network to stand with distinction. Take pride in your abilities, take pride in your self and your purpose. You are on an adventure. The world may throw sands at your flames, yet you will burn still, and pine for such things that a narrow mind cannot fathom. It is the genius of vision, the power of perception and the acute ability to use intuition to gage audiences. People may offer you a reality check, cash it in, for what’s real is based upon the minds perception, what makes change is our ability to maintain momentum when being fuelled on the journey. It is easy to abolish a dream for a safe system, watch it die, and perish beyond a sin. Yet when we wake from the slumber of other people’s perceptions, we begin to abstract ourselves from the circus others have created for us. Your brain is the most powerful multi functional computer in the world, your mind and soul function with a balanced soul. You will thrive when you are in the process of being, doing, and seeing more. We are a hungry canvas, we are starved wolves lurking for missing sheep, we lick our lips salivating upon the wants of others, consuming their energy as oxygen. Your mind  needs to fill it’s own skin, it is bone, and without the flesh of literature, we are birds trapped within a cage. It will not be easy. Fear will point a finger and you will hold on to reckless abandonment, others will judge, and you may put a price tag upon your own head. Labelling yourself, and collecting a season of woes. Journeys are not instant triumph. Hyena’s laugh a jekylled trumpet, most clouds our vision, and we are as lost particles floating in the wind.

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