To the victor goes the spoils

It makes sense to want to dwell, we live in a world where people don’t always play fair. They cheat. They use certain tactics to gain access to the information you have, to empower themselves and yet so they win? Not really. victory is a mindset. You are a Victor when you learn the art of happiness, some people will never be happy in this lifetime. It is a choice they make consistently with the actions they take. Greed, cruelty, envy , and when the light grows dim, they crawl their way back to you hoping you’ll welcome them into your bosom. We are a product of the choices we make, we are a fragmented self, distorted self, damaged self, at times a broken self, yet in this lifetime, be an honest self. Be true to the reflection you see, do not be supported by other people’s fears and other people’s failures. It makes sense to dwell, yet we live in a world where dwelling is not the key to the answers you seek.

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