Your Millionaire Mind

It doesn’t matter what people say about you, it’s what you know about yourself to be true that counts. Low self esteem is a slanging match with one’s self. We claw ourselves down, because we have the ammunition of other people’s razor blade words, words that bleed out every core . Chain you to a new shadow, and sink you to a grave of self contempt. As an entrepreneur, a creative, an individual, as a self, you must love this self, you must affirm positivity to this mind. It is not your passenger, it is your driver, for it to steer you, you must respect it, bless it with new knowledge, connect it to people who have engaged with wisdom whose paths are growing, and excite it with new challenges. The mind loves challenges, your mind wants to show you your potential, but it must ease you into it, with goals, vision, and hunger. In the quiet times speak fire to become flesh, ideas waltz when they are given legs with actions, they parade themselves before you, triumphant, look what I’ve become, see my path, share my journey. Knowledge doesn’t just empower, it heals.


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