How to build engagement

Okay lovely people another way to monetise your blog or website is to produce high quality content to build engagement. The articles you produce or the listicles for some can make or break your site. What are the trending topics in your niche, what is your unique angle? How can you spin it to engage and engrosse your audience. Make sure content is helpful, full of facts and busy with ideas that will help your audience, and build a loyal following.

Tell jokes, produce inspirational quotes, and insights, utilise analytics or tell your own personal experiences. Encourage your audience to share and like, Create a sense of community by mentioning regular members who visit your site and thank them for their loyalty, or mention some of the good work their doing. Offer profile to members and have an email capture form.

put in topics that open your platform, forum, website or page for discussion. Utilise your social media and actively tag or mention, use your social listening sites like Quora, reddit, twitter, and post 4-6 times daily to increase engagement via an iphone or a tablet. Post in groups, have a facebook page, use facebook live for video, do youtube videos, and instagram videos regularly.

Pay attention to search engine optimisation, key in the right hashtags and most of all enjoy and be patient.

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