How to make £50,000 a month selling ad space through your blog or website

£50,00 a month is that a big number? Not for some. On linkedin if you get 30,000 connections, facebook you have 5000 connections, instagram you have 10,000 connections and maybe you have  twitter following of five thousand connections all with engagement.

What you must have more importantly is an active email marketing list, an interactive blog or website, that is linked to your website where you can showcase your knowledge and introduce the skills and other contacts you have. Whether you have a magazine format blog, a website or your on issuu, the key as ive stated before is #magic E. Engagement.

If you were to charge £1,500 per profile and your audience were likely to get profile on your site and even referrals or business, then you have a great opportunity to really showcase the benefits of advertising with your brand.

 First of all build a prolific brand, let people know who you are and what your doing, get recognised.

Become a prolific brand, and build connections through word of mouth.
second of all if you want to be super intensive get a digital marketing team of freelancers, but you also need some seo know how, advertise widely on your social media profiles, do videos on youtube and let people know your looking for businesses or individuals to advertise on your blog, website or page. Join groups, and social networking sites, spread the message on quora and other social listening sites like reddit , twitter. Let people know exactly what you are about. Go to your local enterprise centre, put out leaflets, community centre, library, join workshops, meetups, eventbrite groups and spread the word.

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