How to make a six figure income with a membership site (The wealth portal)

Community is the key to wealth building. Engagement, and communication. Build a wealth portal, a membership site to help advance the members of your community, provide access and resources, information and creative input to stimulate and keep them not just engrossed but empowered.

 When they sign up to your site, they get more than someone trying to sell them something, they get a leader and an influencer who is invested in their wellbeing and the state of their finances.

Wealth comes through learning, engagement, communication, and relationships.

Building a network is core and key to accelerating growth, your wealth access portal should look at key areas.

What are you offering your audience?
What are your strengths
How will the information you provide prompt them to take action
How will it inspire them?
What are their necessary needs?
What are their wants?
What are they typing in on the internet to end up on your page ?
How are they using search engines to assist them?
How can you bring them more business?
How can you bring them more contacts?
How can you feed their vision for success?
How can you encourage them to hit new targets?
How can you create a system that helps them drive trafffic and helps them take care of the core areas of their lives?
How will you help them maintain effective successful habbits?
How will you act as a mentor as a guide?
What resources can you provide to them, can you offer books, quotes, interviews, podcasts, webinars, build engagement with games and puzzles like having interactive wordsearch solely about enterprise.
And putting online games which encourage them to want to master their minds. How will your wealth portal satisfy a need they have.

Build up your wealth portal by building up your connections on linkedin and other social media and linking them to your wordpress memberpress site. You can choose to go to a designer who will charge you a fortune to design a membership site, or you can have fun designing one yourself on memberpress and buddy press for only…. £200! For a whole year. Build an email subscription list, link your social media to it, and begin the sturdy climb towards being ranked online with the assistance of seo… Have fun, and come to redebony for more great ideas!

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