How to make money as an introducer

Ive always had a passion for creative ideas, and funnily enough some of the most inventive ones come to me when i least expect it. I’ve always had a thirst for building networks, relational communications, and social enterprise, assisting others and websites. So what do you do when you have these skills, you merge them. Let me give you an example. Maybe your a connector like myself, you’ve built quite a network on social media, you may not have the finance yet but you do have an elite network. What do you do? You upsell that network. You produce an introducer scheme for people who would like to meet a fluidity of elite contacts. What do your contacts have to gain, what do your clients have to offer? Are they investors looking for new projects to acquire a stake in and make a sizable return, are your contacts looking for key investors. Enter my an idea i came up with for an introducer scheme. Great concept, tidy idea. A contact with a database of key investor networks and elite business clientelle offers an introducer scheme for startup businesses to introduce themselves their business and their portfolio of experience over a simple business luncheon. It is a simple format. Get creative with it, get inventive, what can you add?
Have a referral link for it
Have a conference room online
Find out exactly what contacts are looking for
what makes your introducer scheme unique?
How will you setup your contacts is it online?
Is it offline? Face to face meetings
How will payments be made.
Most of all enjoy the fun and engagement of building new businesses and extending relationships further.

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