How to make money on instagram

The internet is aflame with different creatives trying to monetise their skill, no more than on social media. Yet what is the hottest craze at the moment, a viral sweep that is sending computer screens flashing, and nimble fingers click clicking away. I give to you, Instagram monetisation. Instagram is not just hot for its influencers and micro influencing opportunities, for the sophisticates and the unsophisticated selfies, but lets go into deeper unchartered territory.

There’s much more going on in instagram. First of all to monetise instagram if you can get to a million followers you are looking at £250,000 per post as an influencer, not to mention the small tidbits you get here and there with smaller followings as a micro influencer from brands so why is insta so iron hot right now?

Magic E.My favourite word engagement. Brands want to see real engagement, they want to see active commentary from their demographic and know where to take their product. Instagram influencers help them create even more dynamic products, that create a shift in the market, and make them more emotive sales people. This means instinctively, they know how to prompt their audience into buying their products they know what to sell and at what level their audiences are interacting with the product, the diversity of the product, what to introduce next, new trends, access and new ways to raise capital via distribution.

There are other ways to monetise instagram from posting links to your product pages, selling tickets on your page, making people pay a fee for profile on your page and Posting Viral videos……more to come on this topic.

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