How to make six Figures on A course Platform like Udemy

Education has become the millenial entrepreneurs new enterprise. With courses all over the internet turning  six figure success stories. Webinars and online tutorials the new must, many of us know there is something we could teach to a prospective audience. From recipes, to quirky knitting, Website design, to app making, everybody has their own unique skill whats yours and how do you monetise it on Udemy. How do you make a six figure income through your udemy course and create a following that is not just eager to learn from you, but fully engrossed in your videos.

First of all make sure you plan out your videos. Ensure the narrative is clear, the content is accessible and engaging, delivery is rich and you are using a clear format.

Have a list of hot topics you have entered into search forums and answer sites and seen there is a demand for. For example Xmas is coming up you may be a master at baking the quint essential gingerbread man, and may be able to deliver interesting baking tutorials on how to create quirky gingerbread characters for christmas. Or quirky characters in general for christmas be it christmas cakes. Maybe you’ve spotted a gap in the market for a gothic christmas card, i haven’t seen many, or an unconventional design for your very own brand of christmas advent calendar.

Keep your spin unique and interesting. Have a taste for what is trending and try and find an angle. Research thouroughly and extensively.

Build yourself up as an expert both on your social media your website and post key links to your udemy page.

On your Youtube post regular tutorials high quality content that will attract and increase your subscribers. Offer discounts such as two for one deals, or half price deals if they buy more than one course.

Have an email marketing list. An email marketing list is key when you want to build any type of following. It makes your work accessible to your audience, and heightens the likelihood of you getting profile.

Continue to post your expertise on social listening sites and assist people on sites like quora and reddit referring them to your course on udemy.

Sell your courses on your website using a clickfunnel attached to it, and consciously ask for referrals.
Do instagram videos promoting and selling your expertise do snapchat, and pay attention to the hashtags your using.

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