Creative ways to monetise your blog

How do you become a millionaire through your blog

Use your blog as a platform, keep building it up and building up engagement and traffic. Turn it into a hub, and yourself into an expert, network online

Create access by pitching advertising space on it

Create affiliate links


An effective marketing campaign

Become a key media influencer

Drive as much traffic to your blog

Set smart goals

Have key deliverables

And deliver

Create a viral trend

Key into google trends and hot topics

Use email marketing

Sell products on your blog

Sell things that people need assignments for students

Celebrity contact numbers and details

Get people to endorse your blog/website

Look at any gaps in the market

Don’t listen to people who tear you down

Be consistent

Negate and navigate

Use video extensively

Write articles

Listen to podcasts

Do email marketing

Know your niche

Design a plan or an outline for your blog

Look at the most popular and the hottest topics in your niche match them

What products can

Turn it into a brand

Turn it into an app

Sync it to key trends on the Internet

Use seo and digital marketing

Have a series of products

Stream and turn your blog into a digital checkpoint for key themes and hot topics

Add links

Key areas :




Blog goals

Two million videos on how to be a blogging millionaire

How to build a network




How to be a millionaire online ( call it the digital checkpoint series. Lunchbox millionaires digital checkpoint series= how to be a blogging millionaire)

How to create wealth

How to create access

How to monetise your platforms


Social media

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