Digital dynamics: How to monetise your social media

There are a myriad of ways to monetise your blog, turn it into a community enterprise hub with heightened engagement. Give it open access so others can journal on it, and pretty soon you will see a story unfolding.create an active community so people share their stories, and they engage with yours. Have an outline and a theme for your blog, what hot topics would you like to discuss debate or open up a discourse about. What topics are trending in relation to your theme, what products can you sell linked to your blog? How are you helping or enabling others. Do online business courses, use your blog or website as a tool for self empowerment, and to liberate others, learn about different sales strategy. Create a brand and build a hot topic that will create interactivity, engage with trends, build a plethora of connections through social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, produce a channel, and develop a structured simple 3-5 tier system. Offer some courses you can train your network in, use email marketing to contact clients.

expand on each one use different examples of people who have done this successfully.

What skills did they have

  1. six figure sales strategy
  2. Six seminars of success
  3. Billionaire branding on a budget
  4. How to raise capital through your blog, (creative ways to crowdfunding)
  5. Sales strategy and selling success
  6. How to build and monetise an online course
  7. Sales funnel
  8. Market research
  9. Creative access
  10. Ebooks and products
  11. Marketing
  12. Email marketing
  13. Lead automation
  14. Turning a lead into a sale
  15. Business to business
  16. Business to consumer
  17. The dynamics of the seller and the salesman
  18. How to make money with your social media
  19. How to be an effective micro influencer
  20. Agencies that give you access into the market as a micro influencer
  21. How to become an expert in your field
  22. How build engagement
  23. How to build community
  24. How to key into trends
  25. How to use seo
  26. How to use the Amazon algorithm to sell more books
  27. Book titles to capture the sale
  28. How to do a business plan that attracts investors
  29. How to turn your blog into an app
  30. How to make your blog more interactive
  31. Top 50 ways to make money online
  32. Top ten affiliate marketing sites
  33. Creating a dual system for wealth

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