Digital marketing How to create access for yourself in the marketplace

Digital marketing is the opportunity to sell a service and promote a product to a company that can bring in revenue or build a network. Digital marketing is the application of the internet,social media and platforms to help build a brand or a network in order to bring something to market, or bring in revenue for a business, individual, charity, or social enterprise. Wherever there are leads ,hashtags, backlinks, or promotions we say the brand is trying to market themselves. Trying to build their own platform or brand in order to bring in revenue and create access within the market.

Marketing is the opportunity to expand a brand or an individuals profile through the use of social media, face to face, emails or newsletters.
Marketing consists of branding, surveying the market and assessing the data to look at trends
Studying the competition and your niche to see where your product fits
Marketing is about building a relationship with your customers and your clients
Creating engaging feed, that allows you to gain capital or bring in revenue from your products or content.
With good marketing, you can build a platform for yourself and your brand, collaborate with other companies, and earn commissions offering advertising

Many freelancers start off blogging and turn their blogs into magazines which they market through social media, selling advertising space, and selling subscriptions, in order to bring in weekly, monthly or annual revenue.
With the internet there is exponential room for growth

One of the keys to marketing isn’t just having a great product that’s well designed, but good word of mouth, an effective marketing campaign which is well implemented and the use of key influencers.

Social proof gives you validity as an expert in your field, for example someone who is a blogger known for their specialist knowledge of philanthropy, and philanthropical events, may want to set themselves up on the key platforms (quora,twitter,facebook,reddit,Instagram,pinterest,linkedin etc) with a blog discussing key philanthropical events internationally, how to access them and how to network and negotiate within that network. Icebreakers and how to navigate.

Offer insights like ebooks that your audience can purchase for a discounted price
Create your own social networking site or community platforms
Create a blog and drive traffic to it via using your social media and posting backlinks and hashtags

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