Declaration of the self

The warrior lives within, amidst the panic, the chaos and the cries of fear, trying to propel whatever progress you attempt to make. Whatever momentum you are trying to build. It is easy for others to bury you in old fears, warnings, alarm bells which trigger sweat pangs and a stampeding heart in the dim of the night, to wake you in the early hours of the morning. Yet here is a thought. Today is an opportunity like no other, there were some who thought they’d have another day to conquer, a script written in their minds, yet others came to find them with a closed chapter. This is your book, this life is your chapters you are penning progressive change, you are delivering yourself to a place of access, and for those who battle an internal conflict you are challenging every Goliath. Who will win the dual. The battle is won and lost in the mind, declare yourself champion , declare yourself master and captain of your ship.

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