Game Of Dice: Short Story by Otatade Okojie

Game of Dice “You know to love so much , you dont have to sacrifice so many selves,” Jada reached across to her mother, perching an ebony hand like a kiss on her caramel skin. “He left again didnt he?” Mother looked away, her silver eyes a window to a soul knotted with anxiety. ” All that runnin’ im tired of all that runnin’ i just wanna love him.”
“He doesn’t love you back.”
“I did everything,” she wept,”everything for Leonard. I just asked of him to be there.” Jada stared hard at her mothers slender frame. Rosalyn Taylor Smith was an extraordinary beauty, her features were aristocratic, sharp, striking. A nose like a dagger, bedroom eyes framed by spider lashes, men stopped when she walked by, women glared enviously. Yet Rosalyn’s obsession with an alcoholic, who had a passion for Frances night life was heart breaking. “I sold the car you know,” there was a croak in her voice “i was gonna set us up on the French Riviera, like back in the day.” she paused
“Dads vintage Lamborghini?” Jada felt less sorry now, now she felt a burn in her veins. ” What happened to the money from the sale?”
” I-“
“That was supposed to go to your grandchildren. Tell me, he hasnt got our money,” Jada rose her two eyes spinning, orbs of fire.Lenny wanted to play his sick puppet games with Ma , games he’d gotten used to, but the hour of reckoning was upon him. “What the hell are you doing lady, thats..”
“a dead man . I’ll find Lenny, find the money, but you’ll have to pick…its me or him.” She continued loading her fathers gun, its silver structure now erect in her pocket.

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