Minefield of the mind

They whisper deep in your mind such delicious fears, tainting your life with tiptoe. Suddenly you are walking on a minefield too scared that your vision will obliterate you, for everything hangs in the balance. Your tongue is limp from the acid of challenging other peoples toxic words, your neck is sore from being poised so stern out of pride, for fear you would slink into your shadow. For the belief that the doubt of others could crucify your soul. It is real out here, in this tempest of the mind. You must climb every step upon this ladder to reign yourself to the height of your everest and stare at a busy sky, for there is chalk beneath you, and paperclip people cling to you for their own sanity. It is madness to let others puppet you with their broken dreams, tell you what is possible, when they come from a place of impossibility thinking. The mind was made to be a portal for access, it’s objective is to canvas every challenge to find a route, a strategy, an option, or a plan. How are you facilitating your mind? How are you equipping it? How are you learning and developing your path extending yourself beyond your comfort zone? Let fear whisper, it will be silenced then be dulled mute. You are not walking on a minefield, you are a dancer, gliding on a surface, it is neither polished or decadent, rough with granite or decaying, it is whatever you want it to be, for how you tread is about how you engineer your mind.

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